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Why are Jamaicans so outstanding?

By now everyone can agree that Jamaica is one of, if not the most prominent island in the Caribbean. You can’t speak of the Caribbean without thinking of Jamaica, 8 out […]

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Vybz Kartel Born Again Virgin. New Song from the world boss, Listen here.

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Could Samsung’s mobile division survive another exploding battery fiasco this year with the S8 line?

Samsung is a very wealthy company, more so than almost any firm. The mobile division could survive anything that Samsung sees fit to pay for. The exploding battery was very […]

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What precautions has Samsung taken to ensure the Galaxy S8 does not explode?

Since the Galaxy Note7 recall, Samsung has re-assessed every step of the smartphone manufacturing process and developed the 8-Point Battery Safety Check. It involves putting their batteries through extreme testing, […]

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Has Prime Minister Andrew Holness done enough in his first year? Vote Yes or No here.

The Most Honorable Prime Minister Andrew Holness have already completed his first year of his term as prime minister. Do you believe he has accomplish enough in this space of […]

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Come vote for your favourite Dancehall Artiste of 2017 so far. Results Publish in 5 days.

Who is the best dancehall artist for 2017 so far? Pick artist below. Which Dancehall Artist is the hottest so far this year?