Jamaican Romaine Austin Romaine-Austincreated history today and on march 22, 2017 at the GRAZ, Austria Special Olympics World Winter Games. Romaine picked up two gold in two separate ice skating event one in division 15 and division 18. Austin’s feat represents the tropical country’s first gold medal on the ice at the Special Olympics World Games. What makes the win even more incredible is the fact that according to the Jamaica Observer, “Only two months ago, the 19-year-old Austin and Jamaica speed skating teammate Dave Oddman, who won silver in division 23 of the 222m event on Wednesday, had their first training session on ice during a one-week stint in Florida.” Before this, they practice using skating shoes back home in Jamaica on concrete, yet they manage to medal above other athletes who are more accustomed to the ice and have trained on ice for years.

This story is not just historic but shows how courageous our young people are in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. I hope the government see this and realize that investing in the youths is the way to a sustainable future for Jamaica. As the saying goes “the kids are the future”.

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