Alkaline continues to prove he is the indeed “youngest and the baddest” as he always states. With a successful show under his belt, the show that saw his return to the Jamaican stage from his 2 years absence.  He showed his pulling power maxresdefault (1)with his concert also showed that despite all the fight he received in the business he is allied with some big name just the same. The likes of Mavado, Shaggy, I Octane, Taurus Riley and Jahmeil all of who have huge fan bases and careers. Alkaline is very smart and strategic in his approach to Dancehall music, this is evident
where you can see him taking advantage of all the attention surrounding him to market his music and brand.

One such example is his new single titled ” Nice and Easy” the song is a girl song talking about his love making skills in the bedroom. He just finished his big show where he performed to about ten thousand people live and thousand on YouTube watching the clips from the concert, he currently has social media busing with his name. The song has received around 90 thousand views at the publishing of this article, in just under 5 hours. Alkaline his currently the undeniable man in dancehall right now, whether you love him or hate him.

Take a listen to the song below.



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