By now everyone can agree that Jamaica is one of, if not the most prominent island in the Caribbean. You can’t speak of the Caribbean without thinking of Jamaica, 8 out of 10 people can agree that Jamaica is basically the heart of the Caribbean, in fact up until the late 90’s, Jamaica’s dollar was once considered the pearl of the Caribbean. [stronger than the USD]

The country has countless of beautiful attractions spread all across the island, some of which gives the island it indigenous foot print that separates it from the rest of the island.

The island may not be rich with resources, but is and always been rich in culture through the ages. But its greatest resources are its people [Jamaican].

Jamaicans are literally present in every island within the Caribbean and some in the major countries like USA, Canada and the UK. But who are Jamaican and what makes special about them? well ask any yardie [Jamaican] and I’m hundred percent sure their response gonna be something similar to this:

  1. Jamaicans have this unique ability to turn “ANY” bad situation into some kind of comedic venture; in other words, they turn everything bad into something to laugh about. In recent times, the island a devastating flash flood that flooded many businesses, homes, destroying many infrastructures [bridges, roads]. Some people were even force to stand outside in middle of the heavy rainfall with their due to the  flooding of their home. But it didn’t take long for them to laugh it off and see the rain water as a chance to take their old refrigerator into a boat to race each other up and down the streets and gullies.
  2. Jamaicans are the biggest hustlers in the world. Due to the hard economic times they have evolved into some hard working money making street smart individuals. Once the country is facing an issue, like the recent rainfall, within the next hour, a Jamaican will have a solution to the problem with the means of making a profit, even if it means risking their own lives. They create [legitimate] jobs for them selves. In every country their are taxi, but only in Jamaica there are “taxi loader-man”.
  3. One of, if not the most homophobic people in the world. These people hate a lot of things, but 9 out of 10 will agree that the thing they hate the most are “batty man” (nickname for gay men). They show little or no dislike for lesbians, but utter disgust for at the very thoughts of gay men. On multiple occasions, whenever a “batty man” is exposed, the entire community and neighboring community will all come plowing down on him.
  4. Jamaicans brings ‘the vibes” to any social gathering. Watch any video between showing an American party with a Jamaican party and you’ll see the big difference. They have this unique “vibe” that you can only get from a full blooded Jamaican, that can’t be learn or teach.
  5. Jamaican created their own language. Originally, their main language is English, but they feel the need to stand out and have their own brand of English [patios]. A dialect many people find interesting, amusing, and catchy. The best part about their dialect their curse words; bloodclath, bomboclath, pussyclath and the most used of them all, ‘suk yuh mada” (suck your mother).
  6. Along with being homophobic, they hold the trophy for being the most aggressive people in the world. Aggressiveness so infringe in their DNA that even when joking, they seems to be aggressive from another national point of view.
  7. Some of the most helpful, kindest and jovial set of people you’ll ever meet; when comes to interacting with other nationalities that is. They usually are abrasive to their fellow Jamaicans, but are an angel sent from above when dealing with other people.

In any case, it is inarguable that Jamaican are some the most outstanding people in the world, even when compared to other black nations. It’s advisable that everybody must have at least one Jamaican friend, it will surely pay off having such an asset to interact with. So if you want to approach a Jamaican and have a good first impression, just walk over and say “yow, wah gwan chargie/empress” (T/n: hi, how are you man/girl) and right then and there you’ve got yourself a Jamaican friend.


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