A very talented young man by the name of David Powell has released his first single titled “God Nah Sleep”. The single is produced and promoted by Roael Entertainment, the newly established record label that’s shaping and crafting the talent of young David Powell as well as other young artists. Roael Entertainment along with their production team  Uptown Skunkaz produces Dancehall and Reggae rhythm for artists Roael Entertainment manage, as well as rhythms available for sale to other artist and record labels.

David Powell new song is a very powerful one, one that many may say is necessary for the world today. With war and poverty at an all-time high around the world, people need reassurance that God is still alive and well and looking out for his people. David Powell is very talented as is evident if you listen to his song. If you are reading this I want you to go out there and support his single. Check them out on social media @Roael Entertainment.

Here is the David Powell – God Nah Sleep.


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