At least once in our lifetime some of us have done the nasty outside. If you haven’t you need to try because you’re missing out—ha ha!!.  Just the mere thought of the excitement and adventure gets some persons high. This week fan picked short story is from our fantabulous mz anonymous. Hope you enjoy!

Sarah will never forget the night he brought her home. It was the last night they would spend together since he was going out of town on a business trip for 6 months.  Yes, six flipping months. At the time she was still living with her mom and dad, being a sheltered teenager she was told to reach in by 10.  By the time she got home it was 9:30, and he knew  she wanted to feel his wrath.

With her parents 10 feet away, he grabbed me and dropped his wet heavy tongue on her neck. In an instance, her juicy pussy got wetter and juicer. Within seconds he maneuvered his big wet tongue over the tip of my breasts. Grabbing onto her ass roughly but gently she could feel his big thick ‘friend’ below poking around. He started biting onto to the lobe of her ear and then whispered “Are you sure you wanna do it here baby”. Without hesitating her response was “yes baby I want you to fuck the life out of me, break me up in pieces, tear my limbs from my body and devour me.”

Behind the bushes and ten feet away from her overprotective parents he sucked and bit on her clit. Oh my! filled with excitement and passion she wanted to scream ‘ Fuck me Harder’.  Down on him she went, and yes she did sucked the life out of him. She left him dry.

While he was grinding the life out of her she heard my dog max growling  and barking. Within a second it was her front door opening.

Story to be continued.

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