Vybz Kartel real name Adidja Palmer was at the pinnacle of dancehall before his fall. Some might even compare him to Icarus flying too close to the sun. Vybz Kartel got so high in his career that he was the major topic of discussion every day. He was known for pushing the boundaries and being controversial with his music and social commentary. In 2011 he became the world boss, dancehall hero, he was at the center of dancehall, he dictated fashion, what was hot and he dominated the charts. He was venturing into businesses and Tv. He had a rum called Street Vybz Rum, a club, condom and cake soaps business he also had a tv show titles “Teachers Pet that was doing tremendously well”. Vybz Kartel was on top of the world he was the man or as he says the world boss.

However, like Icarus, Mr. Palmer flew too close to the sun and his fall from the pinnacle of dancehall begin. He was charged with the murder of an associated and spent two years in prison while battling the case in the court of law, he was later found guilty and sentenced for the murder of said associate and is now serving all most life behind bars. Vybz Kartel the man who once dictated the culture of dancehall no longer hold the reigns. However, he is still a very dominant force and was able to do so while still locked behind bars. A testament to how much impact he had before his fall and how he cultivated a following like no other in the genre before. Vybz Kartel the world boss.


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