Taylor’s story has been corroborated by her former body guard who claimed he witnessed the pop star assault.  It is alleged that a Colorado disc jockey, slipped his hand under Swift’s skirt as they posed for a photo.

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Dent, a former police officer who said he has provided security for many other celebrities, took the witness stand on the fifth day of a U.S. District Court trial in Denver pitting the 27-year-old singer against the man she has accused of sexual assault, David Mueller, 55.

Dent, called to the stand by Mueller’s lawyer, Gabriel McFarland, told jurors he witnessed the incident.

“I saw his hand under her skirt. … Her skirt went up. … She jumped,” Dent testified, adding that Swift then moved closer to Mueller’s girlfriend, who was standing on the other side of the singer for the photo.

“I was definitely sure that he had been drinking,” Dent said of Mueller. “I don’t know what level. He wasn’t staggering or falling down.”

Dent said he did not immediately intervene because he took his cues from Swift, who continued with the meet-and-greet session. When she finished meeting her fans, Dent said, Swift told her staff about the groping.

Earlier this week, Mueller testified that he may have made innocent contact with Swift but denied any inappropriate behavior, and explicitly denied grabbing her rear end.

Following Dent to the stand was Mueller’s longtime friend and former co-host at KYGO-FM, Ryan Kliesch. He repeatedly answered “no” when asked by McFarland if he had ever seen Mueller disrespect, demean, condescend or act inappropriately toward women.

The last witness McFarland called was Mueller’s ex-girlfriend, Shannon Melcher, a former sales representative for KYGO who, like Kliesch, gave testimony that was somewhat supportive of Mueller though far from effusively favorable.



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