This is what some women think while giving head.

1.This is an overly complicated belt. Seriously, is this a chastity belt?

2. Note to self: buy him new pants. If I don’t, his mother will get more of these monstrosities.

3. Hm, how to start?

4. Christ, this is taking a long time. Is he delaying on purpose or am I really bad at this?

5. If I pretend to be enjoying this that might speed things up.

6. Jaw ache.

7. Oh well, at least he’s not as big as that guy I met on holiday.

8. Er, grabbing the back of my head may seem sexy but I’d rather not choke to death, thanks.

9. I wonder if men secretly find vaginas as gross-looking as women find penises.

10. Not as gross as balls though. There’s really nothing sexy about a ball.

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